Laundry-Linen and Apparel

Laundry-Linen and Apparel Section

Junior Apparel Officer: Hasen Banu

About 5000 ( Five Thousand ) pieces of cloth per day  (Like Bed sheet , Pillow Cover , Draw Sheet ,OT Gown , Nima , OT Pazama , Patients Nima & Pazama , OT Gown , Shirt , OT Towel , Mosquito net , Mop , Towel , Screen , Uniform , Apron Uniform etc.) were supplied to different wards cabins OT section.

Departments and Employees after washing and ironing. For purpose machineries like two iron roller. Two washing machine, Two hydra structure machine , Three dryer machine , Four hand iron were there in the Laundry Section maximum of the above mention linen wears are also Sewing in the Laundry Section.

Except bed sheet, draw sheet and pillow cover all of the above mentioned Linen and Apparel Section by fore sewing machine and one over-lock machine.