Building Maintenance Department (Civil)

Building Maintenance Department (Civil)

Executive Engineer:  
Assistant Engineer: A.B.M Munir Hassan (
Sub-Assistant Engineer: Md Moniruzzman (

Completed work report (Civil) 2016-2017:

Completed Work List:

01.       Renovation of Room no-215 at 1st  floor.

02.       Renovation of Counter No.-10 at Ground  floor.

03.       Renovation work of Room no-1108 at 10th  floor.

04.       Renovation work of 2nosToilet at 10th  floor.

05.       Repairing of Sofa Chair at from Ground to 2nd floor.

06.       Supplying Fitting & fixing water filter line at 3rd to 14th floor.

07.      Renovation of Minor O.T. in ward No.-51 at 4th   floor.

08.       Renovation work of corridor in front of Doctors chamber at 1st  floor.

09.       Renovation work of Blood Bank at 1st  floor.     

10.      Construction of new Doctors Chamber at 1st  floor.

11.       Renovation work of room no- 1322 at  12th floor.

12.      Renovation work of Sewerage line male & female toilet from Ground & 1st  floor.

13.       Renovation work of Room no-152 & 159 at Ground floor.

14.       Renovation work of cabin no-1507 &1508 at 14th floor.    

15.       Renovation work of cabin no-1524 to 1530 at 14th floor.

16.       Renovation work of Kitchen room  at 2nd floor.

17.      Sewerage & waste water line of north east corner from Ground floor to 15th floor.

18.      Renovation work of Room no-149 & 151 at Ground floor.

19.     Supplying Fitting & fixing S.S. Stair Railing from Ground to-2nd floor of New lift.



Completed Work List: (BIRDEM-2)

1/ Fitting fixing parallel delivery connection of pump

2/ Fitting fixing pipe line at inside laundry,

3/ Fitting fixing glass paper at 3rd floor OT.

4/ Fitting fixing pipe line of basin at R-510.

5/ Fitting fixing pipe line of filter at 6th floor cabin.

6/ Fitting fixing name cared holder at 6th floor cabin.

7/ Fitting fixing glass paper & covering 4” diapipe  at 5th floor room 624.

8/ Renovation work at 3rd floor OT.

9/ Fitting fixing Aluminum fixed partition & swing door at counter of 1st floor.

10/ Fitting fixing pipe line at outside duckt south side of building.

11/ Fitting fixing marble floor at Cafeteria 2nd floor.

12/ C.C work at 2ndbasement.

13/ Fitting fixing false ceiling & fitting fixing grill at room no-734.

14/ Repairing grill at east side of boundary.

15/ Fitting fixing SS pipe with 10 mm thick R-226 .

16/ Painting works of three flat of Globe Nibash .

17/ Fixing pipe line for canteen of Ibrahim medical at outside duckt west side of building .

18/ Fitting fixing glass paper 4th& 5th floor.

19/ Making cabinet of room no-728 at 6th floor.

20/ Making cabinet of room no-302 at 2nd floor.

21/ Shofa chair repairing of cabin.

22/ Fitting fixing wall tiles at ground floor.

23/ Fitting fixing Gas pipe line for at north side.

24/  Fitting fixing pipe line of basin at R-(214-224).

25/  Fitting fixing CGI sheet at CARE north/east corner of Building at.